About Pure by Nat

Pure by Nat

Pure by Nat was first introduced at Copenhagen Fashionweek in January 2015.

The look of my jewelry has always been a combination of both raw and feminine. I've always loved mixing the two styles, because that's the type of person I am.

The majority of my jewelry is made on brass. Here I have the opportunity to create jewelry with volume and raw surfaces.
The jewelry is plated with either 24K gold plating or silver plating.
I work primarily with genuine natural stones, freshwater pearls, quartz and cubic zirconia. Some stones can be colored to achieve a specific look.
I think the stones and pearls add a beautiful feminine touch to the raw surfaces.
All jewelry is handmade.

I am inspired by people. The cool type in the metro, the colorful one on the bike, the bohemian type in the café and the minimalist on the street.
I can sit for hours at the airport, at the train station, on the bench in the street or in the café, looking at people.
I use all these impressions to design my little stories in each collection.

Camilla Mathiasen
Designer and owner

Pure by Night and legislation

All our jewellery complies with EU regulations on cadmium, lead and nickel content.
The jewellery is regularly tested by certified control laboratories.

Pure by Nat and the environment

Our production is certified by The Responsible Jewellery Council according to their 2019 Code of Practices. The certification is updated on an ongoing basis.

Among other things, the certification guarantees:

We use 100% recycled metal (gold, silver and brass) in all our jewelry

Precious metals, natural stones and pearls come only from conflict-free areas.

Everything is made with a good and safe working environment and good working conditions in mind.

Production is carried out with great respect for the environment, and with a commitment to continuous action to reduce energy and water consumption, as well as waste and greenhouse gas generation.

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