How to take care of your jewelry

All jewelry will eventually be worn and loose it’s shine. The jewelry will stay in good condition, if you take the following precautions:
  • Take care of the jewelry during cleaning, washing, and bathing.
  • Keep the jewelry out of contact with cream, soap, chemicals, hairspray, perfume etc.
  • Store the jewelry in a dry environment.
  • The aging process of the plated jewelry depends on each individual. Ie different skin types.
  Quality Most of our jewelry is made of brass, which is plated with either sterling silver, gold (18 – 24K) or oxidized. Some styles are made of 925 Sterling Silver, which is plated as per above. Jewelry in 925 Sterling Silver is subject to inspection by Ædelmetalkontrollen, and jewelry of a certain weight is stamped with both “925” and our namestamp “NATR” All our jewelry is E-coated to ensure a longer lasting plating.   We work with natural gemstones, quartz and zircons. Some stones can be dyed to achieve a specific color way. All jewelry complies with EU-legislation re. content of nickel and other heavy metals
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